The Future Computing Technologies Lab (FCTL) is a research group dedicated to investigating key problems in computer architecture, high-performance computing, and machine learning. Our work is heavily collaborative in nature, spanning a wide variety of domains including computer vision, speech recognition, bioinformatics, computational chemistry, and more. We are part of the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clemson University.


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Machine Learning / Big Data

Creative Inquiry

Research-oriented course that teaches undergraduates how to use data science and machine learning to analyze big data.

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Complete and Resilient Documentation (CARD) for Operational Medical Environments

Department of Defense
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CC*Data: National Cyberinfrastructure for Scientific Data Analysis at Scale (SciDAS)

National Science Foundation

Research project to develop cyberinfrastructure for research computing.

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Future Engineers

Creative Inquiry

STEAM service/outreach program for local elementary school students.

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Melissa C. Smith
Associate Professor, Lab Advisor


F. Alex Feltus Associate Professor, Clemson
Stephen P. Ficklin Assistant Professor, WSU
Sapna Sarupria Associate Professor, Clemson
Ulf Schiller Assistant Professor, Clemson
Kuang-Ching Wang Associate Professor, Clemson

Alumni (PhD)

Afshin Ahmadi Ph.D., 2020. Now at ERCOT.
Ju Lin Ph.D., 2021. Now at Meta.
Sufeng Niu Ph.D., 2018. Now at LinkedIn.
Vivek Pallipuram Ph.D., 2013. Now at University of the Pacific.
Karan Sapra Ph.D., 2018. Now at NVIDIA.
Ben Sherman Ph.D., 2021. Now at Seqera Labs.
Edwin Weill Ph.D., 2018. Now at NVIDIA.

Alumni (Masters)

Hanyu Guo M.S., 2018. Now at Meta.
Anagha Joshi M.S., 2016. Now at Google.
Xiang Lan M.S., 2021.
David Langbehn M.S., 2021. Now at AMD.
Theresa Le M.S., 2021. Now at ARM.
Sriram Madhivanan M.S., 2017. Now at Qualcomm.
Varun Praveen M.S., 2016. Now at NVIDIA.
Jamar Robinson M.S., 2017. Now at RNET Technologies.
Nilim Sarma M.S., 2018. Now at Intel.
Mayukh Sattiraju M.S., 2019. Now at Canoo.
Ashrit Shetty M.S., 2017. Now at Qualcomm.
Lexuan Sun M.S., 2018. Now at Palo Alto Networks.
Colin Targonski M.S., 2019. Now at JPMorgan Chase.
Jesse Tetreault M.S., 2017. Now at NVIDIA.
Dillon Todd M.S., 2021. Now at Garmin.
Cole Younginer M.S., 2021. Now at Advanced Automation.
Shuangying Zhang M.S., ????.

Alumni (Undergraduate)

Miller Hall B.S., 2016. Now at AWS.
Courtney Shearer B.S., 2019. Now at CRISPR Therapeutics.


Our work is supported by the National Science Foundation, the state of South Carolina, Clemson University, DARPA, and generous gifts from BMW, NVIDIA, and others.